Berry Park :: NYC Beer Gardens

  Berry Park

With its two huge flat screen televisions, gleaming bar, and rooftop beer garden, there's a lot to love about Berry Park. This non-traditional beer garden serves up a lot more than beer, although it keeps 13 on tap and over 10 bottled at any time. The wall lined with bottles is a testament to the many hard drinks Berry Park serves each night.

The food at Berry Park takes a twist on the traditional, with offerings such as a pulled berkshire pork sandwich, mac and cheese made with gnocchi, and an eggs benedict made with sauerkraut. Football fans (aka soccer fans) flock to the bar to catch a match, and on Thursday nights DJ Tommy Jones spins punk, rock, new wave, and 80s.

Address and Phone
4 Berry St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718-782-2829