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 Standard Biergarten

The upscale hotel The Standard, features an equally classy restaurant, called the Standard Grill. An outdoor beer garden only sweetens the deal. Rated "Best New Beer Garden" by Time Out New York, the biergarten's offerings include an all-German and Austrian beer menu, including Ayinger Weisse and Kostritzer Dark Bier. A definite plus for beer aficionados.

Attached to the Standard, the beer garden could easily take itself too seriously, but it keeps things light with ping pong tables, waitresses in traditional garb, and a location under the High Line. The food is traditional, too -- pretzels and sausages galore. Of course, there's an element of elegance at the biergarten, so expect a mixed crowd, from business suits to flip flops.

Address and Phone
848 Washington Street
New York, NY 10014
Phone: 212-645-4646